McGranahan Barn Wedding, Yukon, OK - Kellie and Michael

Photos by Adrian Birdsong

Photos by Adrian Birdsong

“Chasen was great at our wedding! Everyone had a great time!! It was the perfect night!” Kellie, Bride

   Kellie and I met long before her and Michael’s big day because Kellie worked as a wedding planner and designer in Tulsa with Lynn Wheatley of . Working in the wedding industry is not all glitz and glamour. The best and worst stories are borne from sweat, sacrifice, and sincere love for...well, love. And when it’s your turn to say “I Do”, there may be the internal challenge to make yours more than just another wedding day.  

    If Kellie was feeling that way, it never showed. From our first meeting months in advance to the day before, Kellie and Michael were both so chill, even though she was doing all the flowers and planning with little help. They knew that they could trust their team to take care of the other details so they were able to enjoy their engagement with their family and devote more time to each other and beyond their wedding day. 

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 That weekend, the weather was fantastic and the McGranahan Barn was in perfect condition. Everything just seemed to flow smoothly even though I know there were the usual slow-downs and innocuous snafus. No event is perfect, but guests don’t know what’s “supposed” to happen at every moment so it’s easy to adjust when needed.

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   The most important part for me though, was their ceremony. Outside down toward the creek and old Chisholm Trail is a pergola with the beautiful sunset in the background. For Michael, the view was of his bride walking toward him, with the big blue Oklahoma sky behind this gorgeous barn and their friends and family. The audio was clean despite the wind. Their officiant, a dear friend, was poetic and engaging. When he explained why he was chosen and admitted his nervousness, the crowd connected with him and the energy was inviting and full of love. It was a beautiful moment.

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  This Tulsa couple, and their Oklahoma friends, in this Oklahoma City venue, made for a wild party! Some may even call it a hootenanny!  Whatever your taste, there was something for you. Country, hip hop, classic dance or classic rock, the dance floor was full and the night seemed endless. The wedding party made sure that Michael and Kellie had a great time and that made everyone else have a great time, too.  

    It’s so rewarding to be a part of the team that performs for someone who is so “in the know”. They’ve seen a LOT of different DJs, and a lot of bands. They know what they want and more importantly, what they don’t want. So seeing Kellie and Michael’s reactions and knowing they were so delighted means the world to me.

   Congratulations Michael and Kellie! 

Photography - Adrian Birdsong