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Chasen Shaw

Chasen has been a performer and musician since preschool, Raised in a piano studio, Chasen learned to play multiple instruments, music theory and composition, and later went to music college on full scholarship. After university, Chasen founded PartyBox after receiving event requests that went way beyond the scope of "DJ" and into event production.  Since 2008, Chasen has trained dozens of talented performers with the commitment to excellence that clients expect.

"...people ask, 'Did you know you wanted to do this when you were growing up?' In the past I didn't think so but as I look back at the mixtapes I made as a child โ€“ the performances and acting, band and choir โ€“ I believe this was always my opportunity to stand in the service of others." 

Evan Bird

Everyone loves working with Evan because he knows how to make you smile. He's constantly thinking of the next big thing that will make a party even better and his youthful experience keeps his finger on the pulse of what's happening now. 

"We loved Evan! He was so fun and made the photo booth experience that much better. We can't wait to have you all back for our December party." - Jessica Brune   

Kyle Frederick

Kyle is beloved by all his couples and everyone on staff at PartyBox because he's full of energy and goes out of his way to make each experience better. His passion for education makes him a quick learner, so he has taken on the art of DJing, as well as being a great photo booth technician and lighting designer.  

"Kyle was fantastic! He made sure my grandma was in the room for my dance with my dad because he'd heard her say it was a dream of hers long ago. If it wasn't for Kyle she would have missed it. He made my grandma's dream come true."  - Vanessa Keiller 

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