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"Studio lighting, all the extras...we had no idea how much fun this booth was compared to my other daughter's wedding. We're believers." 

Jeannine D.  - Mother of the Bride

why we're different

We are an entertainment company first. We were early adaptors bringing photo booths to this market in 2008 with our behemoth "Kissing Booths". They were large and had a curtain for privacy but could still fit 10 or more guests (Aren't you glad you use Dial?). The push-button fully automatic booths are timeless and guests had fun, but soon the copycats...


How We're Different

Being an entertainment company first, we see the photo booths as an integral part of any event. But the "same ol' same old' gets, well, old. Now we personalize the booth for each client and go above and beyond the industry standards for you.


"If you want it to be done right and you want it to be amazing - look no further than PartyBox" - 

Michael G. - Enable Midstream

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