Party Planning

Let's talk about your event. GET YOUR GROOVE ON. 

We take a customized approach to helping you plan the entertainment for your event. It's easy to start. Just call us at (405) 743-8303. Our OKC party planners always take your call during business hours to answer your questions about services, pricing, and just general FAQs.   

If you want to meet up with our experienced party planners, we're down to share a coffee or even open a bottle of wine and get down to brass tacks. Whatever that means. Bottom line: Let's chat like they did in the old days. Face-to-face. If you can. If not, Skype is cool, too. You just don't get any free wine, and that's kinda sad.  

When’s the last time you were at an awesome party without music? Never. That’s what our award-winning, professional OKC DJs are here for. If you’re throwing an event, our DJ will get the party started and keep it going all night long, so you can literally dance the night away.  

Now, you’re probably thinking, “How else can I throw the party of the season?”. With a photo booth rental, of course. People love taking pictures, and the only thing better than a cute candid is a cute candid with your friends and a bunch of props. Beads, crowns, and those cut-out signs that say cheers (because we all know how much everyone loves those) are a great way to keep your guests entertained. Because come on, we all know there’s always a line for the photo booth.  #NewProfilePic 

AND - If you'd like to skip all that and just get a quick quote - Click this to generate a price quote.